When was the last time
were on the floor
laughing out loud?




Dear Friend,

If you keep doing what you're doing now, how long will it be until you're on the floor laughing out loud again?

If you're like most people it's been a long time since you've had a good laugh and it may be a long time until you get your next good laugh.

Well, you're luck is about to change. If you're looking for more laughs in your life, you've come to the right place.

We here at weeklyjokes.com are dedicated to making the world a little more fun and a little less serious.

As a matter of fact, we are so dedicated in our cause that we are giving away great jokes, free for the asking. Our jokes are delivered weekly to your email inbox. All you gotta do is sign up on our weekly jokes mailing list.

If you've got an email address, we got the jokes.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to spread the virus of laughter across the world on a weekly basis.


Our Goal

World Peace. If we can't get that, then we'll settle for the following:

    Countless people (and we do mean "countless people") reading their weekly dose of jokes from weeklyjokes.com.

Just imagine countless people at work and at home on the floor laughing out loud. Wouldn't that be a great thing? Don't you wish that was your goal in life?


Our History

In the not too distant past, we sat around the dining room table and decided to do whatever it takes to make the world a better place.

We decided that the world did not need more money or things. We decided that what the world really needed is a lot more laughs. So we decided to create a Web site to get the word out to as many people as possible.

But the Web site could only reach the people who surf to it.

We wanted to help more people enjoy a good laugh.

Then we thought it might be better to send the jokes via email. That way people could enjoy a good laugh while they read their email.

Then we had a problem, actually two problems.

  • How often do we send out the jokes
  • What do we call our Web site?

After a great deal of thought we figured that there must be an optimal rate of jokes (or ORJ).

If we wait to long between jokes, say once a year, then it may cause a serious case of joke withdrawals.

If we gave the jokes out too fast, say once a day, then it may lead to joke toxicity or overdose.

We figured that good jokes are like good ice cream. To truly appreciate the quality, you need to space out the consumption. If you had your favorite ice cream every day, you'd quickly grow tired of that ice cream. If you had your favorite ice cream only once year, you'd die of the longing for that ice cream.

We determined that the ORJ (optimal rate of jokes) is once a week. As soon as we discovered that, we had a name for our Web site, weeklyjokes.com.



Laughter is contagious.


This could happen to you:

  1. You read just one of our jokes and suddenly you find yourself on the floor laughing out loud.
  2. A co-worker comes up to you and asks, "What's the matter with you?"
  3. You share the joke with them.
  4. They fall on the floor and begin laughing right there right next you.
  5. Another coworker comes up to you and asks, "What's going on?" and so on and so on until the whole office is on the floor laughing.
  6. Later that day, you're called into your boss' office and you're fired because your boss doesn't know how to handle an office full of happy, cheerful, light-hearted employees.

It's a sad fact but laughter actually scares some people. But not you. You know better.

You get a new job and keep:

  1. reading the jokes
  2. falling on the floor laughing out loud
  3. getting other employees to do the same
  4. getting fired
  5. getting a new job

Until finally you find a boss who understands your need for a really good laugh.



Will I look stupid laughing at my computer after reading your jokes?




What kind of people typically subscribe to the FREE weekly jokes?

People who like to laugh.  



What if my doctor tells me I shouldn't laugh?

Maybe you should get a second opinion.  



What if I don't like to laugh?

Don't subscribe to the free weekly jokes. Keep on surfing the Web. Have a wonderful life.  



Is it true someone cured himself of life-threatening disease just by laughing?

Well No and Yes.

"Cure" is a big word. It may not be the appropriate word to use. Let's just say laughter can be a significant part of treatment and recovery.

Norman Cousins, author of "Anatomy of an Illness" was suffering from a painful life-threatening disease. He claimed that laughter was a significant feature of his treatment and recovery.

Cousins surrounded himself with lots of comedy videos, tapes, and books. He discovered that 10 minutes of solid belly laughter would give him two hours of pain-free sleep.

He believed that laughter, along with love, hope, faith, will to live, purpose, and determination can assist medical science in overcoming life threatening diseases.

A long hard laugh is like jogging. It gets the heart beating faster, brings in extra oxygen and stimulates blood circulation. Your whole body relaxes and you feel better.  



What if I don't have a life-threatening disease, is laughter safe for me, even if I'm healthy?

Yes, laughter is also a great preventative medicine. It's great for preventing "grumpitis."  



What are the Twelve Affirmations of Positive Humor?

The Twelve Affirmations of Positive Humor

by Christian Hagaseth III, MD

(not copyrighted)

  1. I am determined to use my humor for positive, playful, uplifting, healing and loving purposes.

  2. I will take myself lightly while I take my work in life seriously.

  3. I will not seek to be offended by other's attempts at humor. When in doubt, I will see others as meaning well.

  4. I will express my humor physically, using my whole face and (when so moved) with my entire body.

  5. I refuse to use my humor to camouflage hostility or prejudice.

  6. I understand that the gift of laughter is a treasured gift, so I will laugh generously at other's attempts to be humorous.

  7. All teasing and ethnic humor will be by mutual consent and will go both ways or I will not engage in such humor.

  8. I will respect the forbidden subject topics of my listeners. I will avoid giving offense with my humor.

  9. If I offend another by my use of humor, I will make amends.

  10. I will be eternally vigilant for the jokes and absurdities of the universe, and I will share my observations with my companions in life.

  11. In the midst of adversity, I will continue to use my humor to cope, to survive, to heal, to grow, and to pass on loving-kindness.

  12. On the day of my death I will look back and know that I laughed lovingly, fully, and well.



How much does this weekly jokes email service cost?

It's FREE for the asking.  



How can we submit a joke to your email newsletter?

Send it to us via our Contact page.



Laughter has been known to:

  • make life more enjoyable
  • increase the popularity of the joke teller
  • relieve stress, anxiety, and tension
  • improve your health

Laughter releases adrenaline, endorphins, and enkephalins, all natural pain killers.

Humor comes from the Latin word “umor”, which means “to be like water and flow; to be fluid and flexible.”

Our jokes are:

  • clean
  • fresh
  • politically correct

    (actually we're not sure exactly what it means for a joke to be "politically correct". Doesn't humor sometimes push us just a little bit? I mean doesn't it force us to laugh at our self sometimes? Don't jokes force us to think outside the box sometimes? Ooppss, here I go again getting philosophical at the wrong time. Well, all I can say is our jokes are good.)

  • free
    (we will never charge for our jokes, that is unless you, our humor deprived audience, demands that we charge for our jokes)
  • high quality

We have made your life easier. We have exposed our selves to thousands of jokes and filtered out all the horrible, mean, stupid, angry, bad jokes. Now all you have to do is read our email and enjoy the laughs.


Telling our jokes to others:

  • might make you more popular *
  • might improve the mental health of you, your family, and friends *
  • is guaranteed to make somebody laugh **


* results may vary depending on your degree of uptightness and whether you have a sense of humor or not.

** if one our jokes does not make at least one person laugh, send it back and we will be glad to exchange it for a new joke absolutely free of charge.

Remember, its your laughter that we live for.



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Enjoy the laughs.





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